Educating and Empowering Scholars!

The pace of learning, understanding, and retaining information varies in every child. At Raydiant Learning Experience we build a home environment for your child; which is intimate and warm. Through individual attention and care, a child develops the necessary skills while being able to excel in his area of academics, passion and interest.
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Learning with Care!

The Raydiant Learning Experience is a ray of sunshine for parents who are in quest for individual attention provided in a home environment. Founded by Mrs. Ray with degrees in Child Development, Elementary & Secondary Education.

As a military spouse, Mrs. Ray understands the difficulty of finding someone to trust, care and teach your child while living so distant from family. Having home-schooled her daughters, Mrs. Ray is now on the mission to provide parents with the joy, security, and quality learning that every child deserves!

Why Us

1. Kindergarten Preparation

At “The Raydiant Learning Experience” the goal is to empower all scholars and prepare them to transition confidently into Kindergarten. Despite late birthdays, your child will leave ready to take on the next level of education.

2. Tailored Learning Curriculum

Raydiant Learning Experience provides every child with dedicated care and attention personalized as per each scholar needs. Each scholar’s education is customized and tailored as per his/her varying personality and learning capabilities.

3. Classroom Size

Providing intimate and quality education is a true gem. The teacher to student ratio plays a significant role in each scholar ability to progress. The classroom size will never exceed 8 children.

4. Hands on Learning

The resources used for learning are customized and mostly created
by Mrs. Ray or gathered diligently through the most credible sources. Hands on activities are a priority. Many skills are developed and strengthen when using hands-on activities.

Our Mission

To create an intimate schooling environment, equipping scholars with required expertise needed to smoothly transition into the next level of education.

Our Vision

To pave a support system for parents who aspire for an intimate yet structured learning experience for their children, allowing scholars to transition into the next stage of learning efficiently.


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